About The Company
Green Door Distilling was founded in 2014 and was the first distillery to open in Kalamazoo since 1858. We are an inclusive group of individuals with a variety of backgrounds who have come together to share in our ongoing adventure of refining the craft spirit industry.
Our award-winning products are the result of distillers, mixologists, passionate spirit connoisseurs, newcomers and patrons alike sharing ideas and working together to propel ourselves forward in this elusive industry.
This person will be on site producing our current line of products, researching and developing new lines of spirits and liqueurs, leading tours of the distillery and being the face of GDD at craft spirit events. We currently make whiskey, gin, vodka, brandy, a variety of liqueurs and are looking to r+d additional spirits. You will report to the Production Manager and work closely with our tasting room General Manager and Regional Sales Manager to create open lines of communication for future products and gather feedback on the current line. You will also work with our external sales team to track the level of production needed for distribution.

What You'd Be Doing: 

Grain Handling

Mashing: Operate mash tun to optimize sugar production

Fermentation: Monitor fermenters to ensure proper alcohol production

Distillation: Ensure all metrics are met, process data is collected, with honed sensory evaluation for making cuts

Gauging down to proof for barreling and later bottling

Barreling: Hydrating barrels, driving hoops, filling, labeling, storing

Cleaning and Sanitizing: Maintain protocol for sanitizing all equipment, ensuring the distillery is kept clean.

Bottling: Work with volunteer bottling crews in hands-on bottling

Inventory Management and tracking using Distillx5 management software

Operate steam boiler, transfer pumps, motors, pallet jack, forklift and miscellaneous other machinery associated with spirit production safely and in accordance with company policy.

Equipment Maintenance: Monitor equipment for signs of impending malfunction, initiate steps to maintain or repair

Compliance and regulatory management

Management of TTB / MLCC / FDA / Dept of Agriculture regulations and paperwork

Managing Distill X 5 production software

R+D of new product lines

Maintenance and upkeep of production equipment including boiler systems

Monthly role helping train our tasting room team on our spirits and production techniques

As needed training and supporting our sales team, with occasionally running on/off site tastings

Utilizing Google Suite for reporting, cogs, ordering, tracking, shared information and access to branded elements. 



Head Distiller experience is required in a licensed distillery

3+ years of distillery production experience

Experience making Whiskey and managing cooperage, as well as other spirit categories; Liqueurs, Gin, Aperitif or Digestif.

Ability to work with a team and independently toward a goal of excellence in all aspects

Ability to lift up to 50 lbs on a consistent basis and stand for extended periods

Work from heights and in confined spaces, with temperatures sometimes over 85F

Process improvement experience

Mechanical and technological inclination is a must

Ability and experience operating a steam boiler system



 3 years as assistant or head distiller

Some level of formal training in distillery or brewery production

Compliance and regulatory understanding of: ttb / fda / dept of agriculture

Boiler operations and safety trained

Full Time availability 

Inquisitive and explorative nature 

Accountable and possesses time management skills

Company & Self-propelled continuous education to stay on top of current trends and processes

    *Salary based on experience
    *It is a violation of Green Door's policy to discriminate in the provision of employment opportunities, benefits or privileges; to create discriminatory work conditions; or to use discriminatory evaluative standards in employment if the basis of that discriminatory treatment is, in whole or in part, the person's race, color, national origin, age, religion, disability status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetic information or marital status.